Rates and Fees

(Includes Meals and Snacks)

Wee Oaks is open Monday - Thursday
6:30 am - 4:30 pm


4-day week…..….$155.00 / week
3-day week…….…$120.00 / week
2-day week………..$85.00/week
1 day/Drop in care……..$45.00
Revolving Schedules..….$120.00 
(Need 3 days or less but days change each week)
Before School Care…....$40.00/week flat rate 


  • Payments must be made weekly and are due on the last day of attendance for the week. All fees are paid in advance, for the upcoming week of care. Cash, checks or automatic payments via Brightwheel are accepted. Please make checks payable to Wee Oaks Child Care.
  • You must pay for every day your child is scheduled to attend. No refunds will be given regardless of attendance. Payment in full is expected for any sick days, vacations or any missed days, as you are paying for the spot being held for your child.